Sagittarius love horoscope for october 22 2019

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Yuvraj Singh Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech make for a wonderful and cute pair and no one can deny this fact. More Subscribe. Mercury in Virgo suggests that your love life provides relief to you at this time. On the 6th, Mercury moves into Libra which can bring up certain obstacles in your personal life. This could be the catalyst that generates real change. You despite the indifference and anyone who displays this to you will feel your displeasure.

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On the 26th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and you may worry about the future. Be calm, considered and trusting in your approach.

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Take just one step at a time. Another stepping stone is sure to follow.

The key here is not worried and if you do worry, to find outlets that mitigate how you feel. It is now time to look deep into your heart setting aside your pride and take a serious decision about what you want to do about this person.

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The object of your romantic feeling will be supportive of any decision that you make and will not create any pressure on you. Hence it is totally up to you what to do and you will receive full support from this person from your past as well as from any current partner that you may be having.


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