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November 16 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

Forgiveness is tough but it is also a powerful luck magnet.

10 unknown facts about Scorpio - Oct 23 - Nov 21 - Horoscope - Do you know ?

People born on November 16 Zodiac have a naturally authoritative manner and, because they are also intelligent, perceptive and display a remarkable strength of purpose, their command is rarely questioned. In addition, they usually have the best interests of everyone at heart. As a result, people learn to listen to what they have to say and more often than not follow their advice or instructions. Fiercely individualistic and independent, these people may have challenged the status quo as children or teenagers.

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As they grow older, however, they often reach the conclusion that they can be more effective agents for change if they work within the system to try and change it for the better, rather than being a lone voice on the outside. They are particularly well suited to leadership roles where they can exert a powerful or informative influence over others.

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Those around them generally respect their conviction and genuine desire to promote the common good, as well as the tact they display when enlisting support for their aims. There will be times, however, when their urge to enlighten and inspire others is so strong that their behavior becomes controlling, manipulative or intolerant, and they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge any other way forward but their way. Until the age of thirty-five they are likely to want to expand their horizons though study or travel.

After the age of thirty-six they reach a turning point where they start to take a more practical, ordered and realistic approach to life. Despite being incredibly generous and supportive themselves, people born on this day can have big problems accepting the help, support or even love of others.

November 16 Birthday Horoscope Personality of the authority

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In fact, Scorpio is a water sign that derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm. Like its fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive.

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What makes this water sign unique is its distinctive venomous sting. Like their celestial spirit animal, the scorpion, Scorpios lie in wait and strike when least expected. Life is a game of chess for these calculating water signs, who are constantly plotting several steps ahead in order to orchestrate an eventual checkmate.

This doesn't mean their intentions are necessarily nefarious.

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Scorpios simply know what they want and aren't afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it. They never show their cards, and their enigmatic nature is what makes them so seductive and beguiling. You are likely to be gifted with some unusual quality of imagination, idealist and romance. You will be inclined not to have enough self confidence or belief in yourself to force your way in to public notice unless the call come from some external sources. You may be instinctively drawn towards unusual phenomena such as telepathy, spiritualism, magnetism, Astrology or astronomy.

You may be inclined to study minds. You are a person of peculiar combination, you may be inclined to live apart from material things and you may likely to be considered a crank for doing so. However you could rise to great prominence due to your own ideas and thoughts.

You may also develop into a healer or advanced worker of new thought. You may be much misjudged and misunderstood, although over sensitive to the actions of others. You may be more or less indifferent to their opinions. You love to stay in the subconscious state of mind because you love to see dream.

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Sometimes it would be true that few hallucinations will haunt you. You are a person of high inventive ability. Your negative aspect is that you are a person of ill tempered and it is also true that you cannot stay in your anger for a long.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You like to live under unconventional conditions. You may be extremely happy and discontented. You may be inclined to be too introspective for your own good and you will find it difficult to mix with other people. You have a deep love for secret arts of chemistry. You have a great fascination for science subjects and all forms of scientific researches. You have an ability to read the mind others very easily and correctly and with the help of this you may be a successful psychologist. You may study the functioning of human brain. You like to precede over anything whatever you take as your own responsibility.

You will be also extremely secretive. You are a person who possess the quality of less talking and with this quality you cannot be able to make a number of friends and it may also be a cause due to which the other people may misunderstand you. Si you are advised to express yourself properly.

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The persons, who are born on the first week o f February and third week of May, may able to make a good friendship with you. These persons also may able to match their vibes and views with you. But it is also true that they also need a help from you. You must stretch your helping hand towards them and it may maintain your friendship with them.

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You may select your life partner from these people also. But the persons, who are born on the month of December, may not able to make friendship with you because they may not able to understand your mentality. With the help of you pleasing attitude you may able to make huge friends in your school life. Some of your neighbour may also helpful to you. But most of them cant tolerate your progress in terms of progress. Those who are working in the private sector will able to get a supportive and cooperative boss and it may help them to flourish their career.

You may have a slender symmetrical form in your early years which are likely to ruin, as you advance in your life by over indulgence in suit stuffs. There is also a possibility that you may suffer from the problems related to the eyes and ears. You are also advised to test your eyes on a regular basis. There is a possibility that you may suffer from the ailments related to your lungs, bronchial tubes and throat and it may happen due to your proneness of cold. So try to avoid the cold things and cool nature.