Vasi yogam in astrology

Kemadruma yoga

The auspicious placement of Mercury and its combination with Sun in a house negates all the unfavorable effects associated with the house. This yoga is also a Rajyoga.

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Vasi yoga takes place when either of mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus and Saturn (any of these five planets) is placed in rhe 12th house from the Sun. Every ancient classic in astrology has given the benefit for each and every planetary position in this yoga which shall be referred. These are potentially the most activating and initializing planets in the horoscope. The traits of these planets will be very noticeable in the native.

A native who has this yoga in his or her kundli is courageous and energetic like Sun. As Mercury is the significator of intelligence, the native acquires knowledge in different subjects. These people are honored in the society.

SOUNDLESS SOUND (சத்தத்தினுள்ளே சதா சிவங்காட்டி)

They lead a happy and flourishing life. Bhaskar Yoga Bhaskar is one of the several names of Sun.

The Process of Qualifying Yogas

This yoga is formed when Mercury is placed in the 2nd house from the Sun, Moon is placed in the 11th house from the Mercury and Jupiter is placed either in the 5th or the 9th house from the Moon. It is a very rare yoga. A native with this yoga in his or her kundli is as great as is this yoga. This auspicious yoga provides immense wealth, happiness and luxury to its natives. They are interested in arts and have a very caring nature.

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Alpert was born into the late stages of Saturn mahadasha, entering Mercury mahadasha at age three and then moving into Ketu dasha at age Throughout Mercury and Ketu mahadashas, until , Alpert was a dedicated and successful student and pursued higher education. Mercury as lord of 1 st and 4 th houses is located in the house of gain, the 11 th. The fourth house is associated with education, upbringing, the influence of the family and general happiness and contentment.

Alpert enjoyed a prosperous upbringing with family support enough to pursue a good education and various degrees. His 4 th house, ruled by Mercury, also contains the shadow planet, Ketu, affording Alpert focus and intensity to apply himself to his studies and pursuits in psychology.

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This can also show an imbalanced mind in early life as Moon Mind is not getting any support from anywhere. Aquarius Horoscope. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. There are 31 different combinations are possible with Veshi yoga. Planet in 12th to Sun this yoga is formed, Name and fame are indicated. Through things related with planet which is conjunct Moon, we can receive things. Result : Royal family, wealthy, famous, blessed with power, authority, enjoying all comforts of life, sweet speech, respected by rulers, Govt, protector of lands

Alpert entered his Venus mahadasha in May and spent the next 20 years in a very fruitful period for his spiritual development. For Mithuna lagna, Venus is the ruler of the 5 th and 12 th houses. The 5 th house is associated with fortune, grace, enjoyment and creative issue while the 12 th house is known as the house of loss and liberation, often bringing forth situations that push one toward a spiritual orientation.

Venus is well-placed in the 9 th house, dharma bhava, which we associate with spiritual pursuit, guides, teachers, religion and philosophy. Alpert began to experiment with and research LSD in the early sixties in association with Timothy Leary. Leary and Alpert conducted this work during the early 's when they were both professors at Harvard University.

Kusuma Yoga; Auspicious Combination (Yoga) of Astrology

This was clearly a life-changing period for Alpert, henceforth to be known as Ram Dass. Venus as the ruler of the house of liberation and travel to far-away places is located in the 9 th house of spiritual advancement, so it is not surprising that Ram Dass found his teacher in a foreign country.

Rahu is a powerful force within Ram Dass' chart. It is strongly placed in the 10 th house of dharma, what we can call "the work we are meant to do" in English. When Rahu is placed strongly in the 10 th , and the lord of this 10 th house is strongly placed as it is in the lagna 1 st house , it is very good for the strength of the career.

Rahu in this position can confer fame. Add to this an exact conjunction of Rahu with the Sun, we see Ram Dass jettison into the center of things within his field of work, holding a steady course throughout his lifetime. Rahu is associated with the worldly arena and puts one in touch with the masses.

It can also promote illusion, delusion, hallucination and ambiguity, so it is a powerful force with which to reckon. Ram Dass, with planets occupying all the angles of his chart, is strong enough to balance this Rahu influence, not being pulled into insanity or depravity, but rather gracefully wielding the energy for the highest good of all. As someone who works with the mind and spirit, this conjunction in the 10 th house has, since the outset of Alpert's explorations, propelled him as a respected and esteemed leader within the spiritual movement.

And even though he died in '73, the presence of my guru in my consciousness, the reality of that relationship, is so powerful to me that it puts the rest in perspective. One day he and I were sitting there in Delhi, and in the distance you could see Indira Gandhi or somebody going through with elephants and Jeeps and generals. And my guru was lying on his wooden cot with his blanket falling off and he said, "Look at all that, and it's just a worldly king!

Videos matching Athi yoga - How to check your horoscope

They're just adolescents playing. Throughout the remainder of Ram Dass' Venus mahadasha and through the mahadasha of the Sun, Ram Dass participated in establishing multiple service foundations. The theme of service and karma yoga comes strongly through the chart. The Moon is waning and debilitated, located in the 6 th house of work, service and friendship. The Sun in the 10 th with Rahu, the 10 th lord in the first, shows a great power of career or dharma. Yogas can be referred as a special relation between planets in quadrant Kendra 1,4,7,10 houses , the main thing one should remember while analyzing a yoga is the strength of planets participating in yogas.

Yogas play an important role in any horoscope. Gajakesari yoga.

Sunapa yoga. If a planet is placed in second house from the moon sunapa yoga occurs, the planet should be Jupiter, mars, Saturn , venus or mercury. The results of this yoga is kingship, wealth, fame and intelligence.

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Anapha yoga. If a planet is placed in 12 th house from moon anapha yoga occurs, the planet should be Jupiter, mars, Saturn, venus or mercury. The result of this yoga is Is luck , health and good offspring. Durudura yoga. The result of this yoga is fame , conveyances and wealth.

Vesi yoga.